Content Writing - How We Engage Your Customers

Ninety percent of selling is conviction, and 10 per cent is persuasion.
A single word can change the world, so they say. On the web, a single word won’t get you far, but many well crafted words will. Well crafted content will ensure that search engines will let people find you. Engaging content will tell your story, and keep people reading. Relevant content will encourage people to socially market for you by Sharing, Liking, Tweeting your message.

Search Engines Favour Regular Article Writing

The right words compel, engage, and convert. We want your content to do these things. Without compelling, engaging content, your marketing efforts will never realize their full potential to convert visitors.

Search engines want to return useful content to their users. If your web site hasn’t been updated with new content recently, then the search engines aren’t going to be too interested in ranking you well. And if your competitors are engaged in frequent blogging or article writing, their rankings will be better than yours. And that means you’re losing visitors — and ultimately, site conversions.

Original Article Writing

Your marketing strategy needs to include regular content updates. Do you have time to come up with new content ideas on a regular basis?

We will help you with targeted article writing. We use a variety of strategies to help you come up with ideas. We can help you with our original article writing services. We also optimize your content with SEO in mind.

Inspiration for Article Writing

  • Recent projects you’ve undertaken – can include photos that help sell
  • Responding to industry news, reports, and research – write an opinion piece about something relevant occurring in your industry
  • Talk to your customers – what’s important to them right now?
  • Look at what your competitors are writing about
  • Talk to your staff and employees – have a weekly brain storming session
  • Let us conduct regular research into topical ideas
  • We can interview your staff and help you brainstorm
  • vBlogging – create short videos to post on YouTube and share via social media

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