Strategic Planning

However beautiful the strategy, you should always be assessing its effectiveness.

Every web project we undertake starts with strategic planning. Identifying and understanding your customer. Defining your message. Understanding what makes your customers tick, and ultimately, click.

It takes people with experience to know how to help you identify your unique value proposition. To define a clear and compelling message. Understand how to drive qualified leads to your site. Engage them with compelling copy, and convert them into real leads – leads that ensure your business goals are achieved.

How do we accomplish this? Together in partnership.

Strategic Planning

Together we:

Learn about Your Organization

All marketing strategy starts with learning. And we want to learn all about your business, your people, your unique offerings. What makes your business different from all your competitors. What sets you apart. What your compelling story is.

Learn about Your Customers

We will explore your customer types with you. Selling to people online is a one-to-one sales process. We need to understand who your customers are. What motivates them, appeals to them, and what convinces them.

Learn about Your Competitors

To understand how to position you correctly, we learn about your competitors or industry peers. This involves us talking to you, and also doing our own research. We determine what your competitors are currently doing online, how are they positioning themselves. With this knowledge, we will uniquely position you so your message stands out and reflects who you are and what you offer.

Strategically Plan your Online Marketing

With the understanding acquired, we move to our strategic planning stage. Our focus is on goals and the best way to attain them. How do we most effectively attract people to your site? What types of landing pages will we need? What is the goal of each landing page? How should the content be crafted for maximum engagement. How will we guide visitors through your site? How do we drive visitors to take action – thus achieving the business goals we’ve defined together.

With the strategy in place, and a clear understanding of what we want to achieve, we can move into the next phase – web design and content creation.

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