Web Programming / Custom Development

If you can imagine it, we can build it.

But before we build anything, we like to start with gathering your requirements.

Today, most web sites are built using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. These are Content Management Systems, and they are awesome because there are an incredible number of pre-existing software extensions (plugins) that address so many different requirements – from shopping carts, to dynamic forms, to events booking, to full-fledge contact management systems.

Once we help you define your requirements, we research what options already exist that may meet your needs. We discuss these options with you, provide you with demos, and help you identify whether a pre-existing extension or plugin will meet your needs.

Based on what we discover, and what you require, there are 3 options:

Custom Development

With custom development we start from scratch. Custom development involves more effort than the two other options, and ergo the investment is the highest. But, you’ll get exactly what you want – a one of a kind solution.

Use an Existing WordPress Plugin, Joomla Extension, or Drupal Module

This is the most cost-effective approach if your requirements can be met by a pre-existing too. There are tens of thousands of plugins and extensions available across the top CMS platforms. We try to find solutions that meet our client requirements, as these products are also continually developed and supported by their developers at no future cost to you.

Customize a WordPress Plugin, Joomla Extension, or Drupal Module

Sometimes a plugin or extension meets most of your needs, but there may be special features you’d like to see included. With OpenSource solutions, we can modify the code to add new features, or tweak existing ones.

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