Engaging Web Site Design

Design is living with a foot in two worlds - the world of technology and the world of people and human purposes - and you try to bring the two together.
Web design instantly communicates a feeling about who you are. A smartweb design is focused on retention and engagement. They both happen simultaneously – you have less than 30 seconds to retain someone on your site. We make those 30 seconds count.

Web design reflects who are you are today, your target market, and where you are headed. Our design strategy is guided by our overall strategy plan for your site.

Web Design Strategy

  • Target audience – we consider who your target audience is, and what services you are offering. Safe to say that a kids party company would have a different look and feel compared to a legal firm.
  • Competitors – you want to raise the bar compared to your competitors – to stand out, to have a visual look that is distinctive, and also carries over to your other marketing elements, including Google Adwords remarketing – to make your brand stand out and be visually distinctive.
  • Reflect your branding – your web site might be part of an overall rebranding exercise, but either way, the design must be integrated with and reflect your overall brand.
  • Mobile — every web site build today should be “responsive”, which means that it adjusts to look great on any device used to view it. Think of the sites you’ve found on Google using your smartphone and immediately left because it was designed only for a desktop (so 2000’s!). So unreadable.
  • Trends – things change. Your design should reflect that your organization is a living, breathing, evolving entity. Part of that is accomplished by ensuring your design is “with the times”.


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Over twenty years, we’ve built so many web sites we’ve lost count! In our portfolio, we share a few recent examples of projects we’ve completed.