Remarketing - Ads that Follow Your Site Visitors

Search engine marketing and search engine optimization are critically important to online businesses.
Have you seen your competitors ads on large sites like a national news site, or a popular weather site (and any number of sites in-between)? The most common way to have your ads appear on these sites is using something called “remarketing”. It’s a powerful marketing technique that keeps you in front of your customers long after they’ve left your web site.

A PPC (Pay per click) campaign costs money. Each time someone clicks on your ad, you have a few seconds to engage them on your web site – our job is to help you engage them, but if you don’t engage them, they are gone. That’s a lost opportunity.

With Remarketing, when someone leaves your site, you will still have the opportunity to market to them. Google will know they went to your web site. And then, as that person goes to other sites, your ads will follow them – remarketing to them over time. Brand awareness increases, and with a smart remarketing campaign, you can keep telling your story, with the ultimate goal of return them to your in the near future, where we can turn them into a “conversion.”. A lead. A sale. A relationship.

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