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Optimized for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many other OpenSource Solutions


We offer 100% cloud based Canadian web hosting and awesome support services.

We provide web hosting only legitimate businesses and organizations, and keep what is called a clean neighbourhood, so that your web site’s ranking will not be tarnished by the nature of other sites hosted on our infrastructure.


Free Trial







(Unix cPanel)



15 email accounts

2 mySQL databases

Disk Quota 5 GB

7 day rotating backups

cPanel Management

Help using WordPress or Joomla -- 2 free calls per month

Free CMS security patching


(Unix cPanel)



25 email accounts

5 mySQL databases

Disk Quota 10 GB

15 day rotating backups

cPanel Management

Help using WordPress  or Joomla - 4 free calls per month

Free CMS security patching


(Unix or Windows)


Starter VPS Package

100 email accounts

10 mySQL databses

Disk Quota 50GB

7 day rotating backups

CentOs + Plesk (Included)

(Windows, cPanel: license fees are additional)

Hosting for up to 5 unique domains

Your own Virtual Private Server


(Unix or Windows)



Need a custom solution?

mySQL databases -- how many?

Disk Quota Starting at 100GB

Rotating backups

CentOs + Plesk (Included)

(Windows, cPanel: license fees are additional)

Domains up to you!

Your own Dedicated Server

We specialize in WordPress and Joomla web hosting. And one of the BIGGEST bonuses of hosting your site with us is this — FREE support on how to use WordPress or Joomla. That’s right, any time you have a question about your hosted WordPress or Joomla site, you can email our support team and we’ll get a quick response explaining how to complete whatever task is befudling you.

Forget how to add an item to your navigation menu? No problems, send us an email, and you’ll get a personalized response — for your site! In many cases, this will include a personalized video walk-though — a private YouTube video where our technical support specialists talks you through the steps to complete any task…

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Optimized for SEO

Our web hosting is optimized for successful SEO. Clean IP neighbourhoods. Fastest load times.


Real People Support

The support we offer is through real people, in Canada, who are interested in helping you quickly solve your problems.

Lightening Fast

Speed affects conversions in a big way. Our super-fast load times ensure people will stay engaged and convert.

All our web hosting packages include email accounts, FTP access and cPanel.

cPanel is the perfect tool for administering a website. The graphical interface of cPanel is very user friendly but this is not its only asset. You will enjoy many perks including the simple creation of email accounts, mailing lists, and full site backups you can download to your own PC for peace of mind.


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